Young Living- Jennifer and Justin Kemp
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Young Living- Jennifer and Justin Kemp

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Brought to you by Young Living- Jennifer and Justin Kemp

Jennifer and Justin are a husband and wife Young Living Essential oil distributor team.

Jennifer became a Young Living distributor in 2009 after being introduced to essential oils by a family friend.With the use of essential oils and other Young Living products, she has been able to maintain a healthy body and immune system.Now with a healthy body and immune system, she has seen a change in her health with increased energy and a heathier cardio vascular system that had been plagued by asthma her entire life.The oils have provided her with increased focus and as well as the peace of mind that she is not using products laden with harmful toxins.Since she was born with only one kidney, she must stay conscious of what types of chemicals enter her system.Maintaining her already healthy body systems has allowed her to use far less prescribed medications and over the counter remedies.

Justin was introduced to the oils through Jennifer and at first was a bit apprehensive over the cost and effectiveness of essential oils to maintain a healthy body.After much coaxing he tried using essential to support a healthy respiratory system that was usually irritated by seasonal allergies each year.A healthy respiratory system can alleviate the need for over the counter seasonal allergy medications.He began using Young Living’s Ningxia Red daily as a supplement to support a healthier immune system that responded better to seasonal colds and illnesses.Being employed in building trades for much of his life, he was prone to fatigue and over exerting his muscles.Many of Young Living’s products were able to promote a healthy nights sleeps to alleviate fatigue and provide relief for temporary muscle discomfort.“Overall, I have seen a significant change in how well I feel.The oils just make me feel good.Instead of just dragging my tired body to work and back each day, I now feel energized and alive.I never imagined how good Young Living could make me feel.”

As a family we began to use these oils as our first line of maintaining a healthy immune system during the winter months when common colds are most likely to bring us down.We use them for a calming sleep, uplifting our moods and incorporate them into our everyday routine.The best part is that by bringing these oils into our lives daily through diffusing, applying topically and taking approved oils internally; our overall wellness has greatly improved.Besides the increased wellness, we have also enjoyed the savings we have gained from participating in the Essential Rewards Program! We simply switched where we were buying our nutritional, personal care and cleaning products to the non-toxic, health promoting products from Young Living and now receive awesome rebates!!

Jennifer has worked on and off throughout our 13 + years of marriage both in the food service industry, education and in network marketing. We have gone through numerous lay-offs and job changes and have come to realize that we will never get out of debt and stop the paycheck to paycheck struggle of living if we continue to depend on Corporate America for our financial future! Young Living has provided with financial benefits as well!!We realized that network marketing success is dependent on our efforts and consistency and is really the only path we could take that allows us to work from home so we can be there for our child, have time freedom and flexibility, and eventually be 100% financially free. We want everyone to have the chance to be set free from the struggle of paycheck to paycheck living, to be able to dream again and grow into the life they deserve!